Why Winning Isn’t Everything


What I like about Seth Godin’s blog is that each post is short, but often very thought-provoking and powerful. His post called, “It’s not a race” makes an important distinction that many in the marketing world forget…


Winning a particular race and being a winner are not the same thing.

facebook-1084449_640Getting 100,000 likes or tweets isn’t the same as having 100,000 loyal, life-long customers.


Using scare tactics in your marketing and pushing people to buy things that don’t work or that they don’t need isn’t the same as efficiently marketing your product to people who need it because it will enrich their lives.


Being busy on social media isn’t the same as being effective with your online presence.


Is Winning at All Costs Really Winning?


speakers-453475_640There are marketing tactics that result in high sales at launch but have no staying power. Typically, they involve fear-based and scarcity techniques that have a nearly universal emotional pull.


However, the people buying are often not a fit for the product. Once the customer realizes that he made an emotional purchase for a product that doesn’t work for him, he feels tricked into buying the wrong thing and cheated by someone he isn’t likely to ever trust again.


You might have won a sale, but you lost a customer, his referrals, and his future purchases. I know because I have fallen prey to this more than once.


Be A Champion


There are two types of champions, but I’m talking about the kind that works for a cause because it benefits others.


At Musial Marketing, I want my clients to have a strategic online presence that reaches their ideal customers and grows their business. I don’t just want them to win at a particular promotion; I want them to be a champion for their clients.


winningThat’s our goal because:


  • It reaches the people who need your product and service because it solves their problem
  • It serves your customers by making it easier to find you, so their problems are solved faster
  • It grows your business quickly, without tricks or scare tactics, because people know, like, and trust you
  • It leads to long-term followers and repeat customers
  • We want you to succeed as a champion because winning at all costs feels like losing to us


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