Website Optimization – Should You Be Trendy or Unique?



When it comes to website optimization, sometimes it’s optimal to conform to trends and other times it’s best to be as unique as possible.


Your website is your link to new and repeat customers. So, if you want a successful and thriving business, you need a well-designed and optimized site.


Website optimization

From a practical standpoint, you also want something that doesn’t require a complete renovation every year. That makes it important to understand when you need to take action on a trend and when it’s better to remain unique.


While digital marketing evolves at a rapid rate, three marketing principles remain consistent and reliable guides:


  1. Know and serve your customer
  2. Know your product and service
  3. Location matters


Let’s look at each principle as it applies to website optimization.


Know and Serve Your Customer


When you hear about the latest trend and start panicking that you’re going to fall behind if you don’t join, take a breath and see if the trend serves your customer.


Trend #1 – Mobile Responsive

For example, a current trend is to build websites that are mobile responsive—they adjust to fit the width of the user’s browser, regardless of the viewing device. Responsive sites work on a 27” monitor just as well as they do on phone screens.


This trend serves your customer because almost all customers now use a variety of devices. When it comes to website optimization, this is a trend you want to join or the challenges users face when they try to view your website will make them leave. Plus, if your website isn’t mobile friendly Google will not list you in searches.


Trend #2 – Website Carousels

Carousels are another trend. Carousels are website sliders at the top of a page. However, they slow loading speed, make it harder for customers to find you in searches, frustrate users, and force people to scroll down to see the content they want.


Unless they serve your customer, carousels are a trend you should avoid.


Apply the “know and serve” principle to every trend to decide if it’s worthwhile.


Know Your Product and Service


When it comes to your product and service, be as unique as possible and avoid trends. Use your website to shine a spotlight on what makes your product and service unique.


Uniqueness will give you a competitive edge that no trend will make over time.


search-engine-optimization-586422_640Trend #3 – Search Engine Optimization


For website optimization, location is mostly about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


If the keywords you’re using for SEO aren’t allowing your business content to be seen, using keywords with better rankings and better opportunity is a worthwhile change.


However, search engines are getting better at filtering out content that isn’t helpful to the end user. So, throwing a bunch of keywords together isn’t going to help you if that’s all you do.


While SEO through keywords is a trend you want to be part of, you need to do it in a way that serves your customer. If not, your website will be located too low in a search for any potential customers to ever find you.


The location solution?


Content marketing combines keywords with useful information for your client base. It not only locates you higher in search engines, but it also raises your value and trustworthiness with those who land on your site.


Content marketing combined with SEO is a trend you want to follow.


Website optimizationHow Often Does Your Website Need a Checkup?


Website optimization is something worth evaluating every year. When it comes to websites Google and customers love change and variety.


By using the three marketing principles listed above, you’ll easily know what trends to take advantage of and when to remain unique.


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