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Regardless of the location of your business, your website is the most important piece of real estate you own. It’s like having a salesperson working non-stop for you.

However, if you think you can slap up a site and simply watch the money roll in without putting considerable thought and content marketing into it, think again.

The approach of “Ta-da! I’m here! Buy from me,” will be buried by the ever-increasing mass of other sites. More than one billion websites exist today. According to Qmee, 70 domains are registered each minute.

Competitors won’t even have to yell, “This is Sparta!” and give you a mighty kick to put your SEO rankings at the bottom of a deep pit. You’ll start there.

Gaining The Advantage With Content Marketing

A website is vital, but it’s the content on your site that builds your customer base and converts to sales.

Content offers key advantages:

  • Low cost – If you’re able to do the work yourself, your time is the only cost. If you prefer hiring others to do it for you, you’ll still find it highly affordable and easily accessible.
  • SEO – You’ll earn higher search rankings if you understand how to use keywords, ultimately driving more traffic to you and away from your competitors.
  • Trust building – Content marketing helps establish you as an authority, creates strength in your niche, and leads customers to feel like they know and can trust you. People buy from and refer others to businesses they trust.
  • Conversion and durability – Because of increased trust and traffic, good content leads to greater conversion rates. And once the content is available, it’s there until you take it down.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy. However, you can optimize your content in ways that give you a nearly instant edge over your competitors.

Here’s How


  • Find Keyword Ranking Opportunities

Do a little keyword research to see what your competitors are using, consider your target audience, and see what promising phrases they’re missing. Then, use those phrases for SEO.


  • Do Surveys

You might think you know what current and potential customers want, but until you ask, you don’t truly know. There might be in-demand topics your competitors aren’t covering adequately or at all.


  • Repurpose

Repurposing gives you a higher return on the time or money you invested in the initial post. Use your content for your blog, emails, newsletters, and social media. You can even take especially popular content and use the ideas behind it to create opt-in resources that help further grow your list.

content marketingContent marketing will always have a place in your marketing strategy. It builds a loyal customer base that is happy to make repeat purchases and refer others. However, applying strategy to your content gives you a competitive edge inside an already profitable approach.

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