Using Your Competition To Get Better


The word “competitor” often conjures up images of lost business. But the reality is that your competitors can help you be a more successful entrepreneur.

Here’s how to use your competition:

  • competitionStudy your competition so that you know their positive and negative features
  • Compare your products and services to theirs and note how you’re different
  • Compare your customer service to theirs and consider where you can improve and where you want to continue to focus
  • Compare your personalities so you understand why you might attract specific customers more than others
  • Learn what makes you different, because successful marketing lies in knowing what makes you unique
  • Find what makes you better for your ideal client and understand why
  • Take everything you learned above and use it on your website and in your marketing

Watch out for this mistake:

Study your competitors, but don’t mimic them. If you try to emulate what makes them successful, you’ll get lost in a sea of sameness instead of being a unique beacon for your ideal clients.

Adopt some of the competitions business practices if they result in better efficiency, but never give up what makes you unique.

Here’s a perfect example:

IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Xerox ruled the computer world when Steve Jobs had the “crazy” idea to make a computer for home use. His competition was well established and successful, but he saw the differences in their vision and his.

If Jobs had tried to market to large businesses, we probably wouldn’t know his name.

Instead, he understood that his product worked similar to his competition, but that his ideal customer was vastly different. He embraced that fact, and his customers embraced his product and became loyal fans.

Make sure your website clearly shares who you are.

Hopefully, you studied your competition before creating copy for your site, and then you made sure to include the points that make you and your product or service unique.

If you didn’t, do it now. Your website is THE MOST IMPORTANT piece of real estate you own.

It might be your marketing funnels that ultimately lead prospects to convert to customers, but without a website that attracts your ideal client and gets them on your mailing list, there are no prospects to convert.

So, study your competitors and use what you learn to give your website and business the advantage you deserve.

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