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seo-tipsGenerating traffic and leads is the top marketing challenge most companies face, according to the 2016 State of Inbound Report. From what I see with my clients, it’s because they don’t understand SEO (search engine optimization).


If your content isn’t ranked, customers can’t find you. And if they don’t find you, it doesn’t matter how good your content is. You won’t increase sales.

Here are 11 steps that’ll help get YOUR company found using SEO:


  1. seoChoose one main keyword per post and make that keyword your category.

You can use other keyword descriptors as tags, but stick with a single keyword


  1. Make your post at least 300 words long.

Google doesn’t rank posts that are less than 300 words. While 300 is the minimum for SEO, keep in mind that most people won’t read something that’s longer than 500 words.


  1. When you use photos, put your keyword in the “alt text” field.

Google can’t see photos, but it will recognize the alternate text you list and use those words.


  1. Include the keyword in your article title.

It helps with ranking, and your readers will quickly know they’re in the right place.


  1. Include the keyword in the URL of the post.

If your software doesn’t do it automatically list your keyword in the URL, even if it means editing the URL


  1. Use the keyword approximately every 100 words.

When it comes to SEO, more is not better. Google will penalize you if you use the keyword excessively, but it won’t rank you as high if it’s not included once per approximately every one hundred words.


  1. Include your keyword in a headline text font size.

In geek speak, that’s H1, H2, H3, or H4.


  1. seoInclude at least one link per post.

Not only does Google like it, your customers feel like you’re offering them a little something extra.


  1. Include a meta description that includes your keyword.

Things like the meta description and alt text on photos are often overlooked during SEO, but filling them out and including your keyword in those fields helps your rankings. You can use up to 156 characters in the meta description.


  1. google-plus-iconPost the article link on Google+.

When you do, Google lists it faster than other posts. Plus, once you’ve established authorship with your Google+ account, your picture and bio can show up beside your posts.


  1. Use your keyword in the first sentence or at least in the first paragraph.

Like your readers, Google expects you to get directly to the point. Good SEO means that your keyword can be read within ten seconds of landing on the page.


Bonus Tip

Get the Yoast blogging plug-in and use it. It makes sure that each post is properly optimized for your keywords.



Use the above SEO tips and you’ll be generating more traffic and leads quickly.

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