How To Succeed In Business Despite Fear


Today I’m a successful entrepreneur. But as a kid, I was a tomboy. One of the games I played was soldiers, and my friends and I would yell, “Ready? Aim. Fire!” as we played.

Running a business isn’t a game, but “Ready? Aim. Fire!” is a sequence many entrepreneurs try to follow.

Today you’re going to learn how it’s a trap you need to avoid.

Here’s why “Ready? Aim. Fire!” doesn’t work.

The thought of running your own business is exciting. Every day there are people who think about leaving their jobs to run their own companies. More than 12 years ago I was one of them.

But beyond the excitement, there’s also fear.

  • fearWhat if I leave my job and can’t make it on my own?
  • What if I invest money, and it doesn’t work out?
  • I’ve researched and think I’m ready, but what if I’m not?

Sometimes these fears lead to feeling like everything has to be perfect before any action can take place.

Instead of “Ready? Aim. Fire!” your sequence becomes “Ready? Aim. Freeze!” Fear turns you into a perfectionist and paralyzes your progress.

And the fear doesn’t stop once you start your business.

Every day there are entrepreneurs who think about leaving their companies to work for someone else.

A better way exists.

You ARE going to make mistakes. Every successful person does. In fact, they make lots of them.

The key to success isn’t avoiding mistakes. It’s seeing them, owning them, making a course correction, and continuing forward.

It’s okay to do your homework and avoid major traps, but once you have a plan, DO IT.

Trade fear for excitement.

It’s perfectly reasonable to have some doubts about succeeding as an entrepreneur. It’s an indicator that you are honest about possibilities, and in general, that honesty makes you work smarter than you otherwise would.

To succeed, make sure you find people who help you replace your fear with excitement by sharing ideas and experience that can guide you. You WILL make mistakes, but having a good network can minimize them.

Change your sequence to “Ready. Aim. Fire! Aim (again). Repeat!”

Starting my own business tested my levels of courage:

  • Finding someone to make a good website was way harder and more expensive than it should have been.
  • I spent thousands of dollars to learn the difference between online and offline marketing only to realize that marketing is marketing – it’s only the tools that change.
  • I made some mistakes that weren’t fun, but I learned from them and kept going
  • Being an entrepreneur meant working more hours than I initially expected.

But the absolute truth is that I’d do it all again. I love my business! Getting to help other entrepreneurs avoid some of the mistakes I did while enjoying success faster than I did feels amazing.

I sincerely hope that you have the kind of business you love, too. If you don’t, contact me for a free consult and we’ll figure out a plan to get you there.

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