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Marketing Strategy Coaching

Coaching will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours by having a professional guide you in the right direction with proven marketing methods. Just knowing what to do next or if you are even on the right track, is priceless. Don’t waste your time listening to people who don’t know what they’re doing online. Get expert guidance and do it right this time!

Marketing Strategy coaching sessions are 45-minute sessions with Julie Musial where you’ll find out exactly what your next best moves are when it comes to online marketing. We’ll also share with you the best cost saving ways to accomplish your goals.


Julie’s expertise and depth of knowledge of online marketing, and use of social media as a marketing tool are both extensive and relevant in every moment of now – we live in a constantly changing social media and marketing environment and feel that Julie has her finger locked on that pulse. Her generosity in sharing her knowledge is remarkable and her ability to immediately adapt to my communication style for my benefit was invaluable. If you’re looking for efficient, practical help to make the best use of your social media platforms and on line marketing, Julie Musial is the go to expert!

Carol Andrew, Public Speaking Coach and Trainer

As a business owner your time is limited. Based on the odds of smart people that have gone before you, your business won’t make it.  Follow the guidance of an expert online marketer and increase your chances to make it in today’s business climate.

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  • One 45-minute virtual coaching session on your area(s) of choice. In-person meetings available where applicable.
  • Recorded call for further implementation.
  • Discounts on multiple calls