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Online Marketing - Websites & Social Media Made Easy


Are you frustrated because everything you’ve tried to do online isn’t getting the results you hoped for?

Have you struggled long enough and wasted enough time and money to identify and connect with an online solution when you see one?

We work with entrepreneurs and businesses from all different industries. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new start-up company, you’ve been in business for ten years, you sell a service or a product, it’s just you or you have many employees or that you’re in one city or an international company. What does matter is that you’re tired of wasting time and money trying to put all the pieces together yourself for your online marketing and nothing seems to be getting the results that you want. And, you’re ready to stop struggling, invest in your business, roll up your sleeves and work with a mentor to follow proven marketing methods to get found online and dramatically increase your profits.

Websites & Social Media Made EasyDo you have these frustrations?

  • I’m confused about all the marketing advice out there. I don’t know which marketing strategies are the best for my business so I hold back.
  • I have thoughts about giving up on my dream and getting a job.
    I know I need the internet to build my business and help more people, but the technology is overwhelming and I don’t know where to start.
  • I feel stuck and I’m SO tired of struggling and I know there has to be a better way.
  • I’ve tried doing everything myself that the experts tell me to but I’m not getting the results they talk about!

This is for you if:

  • You put the cart before the horse and you are ready to slow down long enough to put the things in place to plan for and win new customers online!
  • You want to work with a mentor who can answer all your questions and have a big picture of how all the pieces fit together and you understand the value of integrating it.
  • You’re savvy enough to know what questions to ask, you just don’t know the answer.
  • You need to update your classic website and get out there online but have no idea how to do it.
  • You’re uncomfortable with technology to the point that you find yourself shying away from it and you realize that you can’t continue to have your head in the sand anymore.
  • You’re ready to invest your time and money into an online presence that gets results because you realize the value it has.

To be effective on the internet or to sell your work online, you need a finely tuned digital marketing machine and online systems in place.

Whether you love marketing or not, entrepreneurs need a website that works, a social media presence, and a plan to win new customers.

Unfortunately, making sense of social media and website development is like chasing a monkey. One minute you have an angle, you think you’ve caught up, or you’ve discovered the “trick.” Next, you’re standing alone in the jungle, turning circles and listening for sounds.

Let’s make the online marketing part easyWant to make this easy?

If you crave clarity and you’d like to be involved, but not entangled in all the marketing pieces out there, then you’re in the right place.

Musial Marketing knows the jungle of Internet Marketing and ignores the obstacles and trendy tactics that distract so many others. We have a simple toolset:

  • Facts that matter.
  • Testing that clarifies best next steps.
  • A big picture view of how people and companies behave on the Internet.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of all social media channels.
  • Uncanny commitment to your business success.

However you define your successful entrepreneurial journey, we love seeing our clients get there via the straightest path.

Stop wasting time and throwing money out the car window at 70 MPH hoping for a big social media hit or the next, hottest thing. Good marketing requires dedication, consistent action, and a team that gets the passion, intensity (and busy lifestyle) of entrepreneurs. It’s about bringing in the people who want to buy from you.

Let’s make the online marketing part easy. If you want my team to do it all for you, Musial Marketing welcomes you. This is the same team that does the Musial Marketing website, social media, videos, blogging, SEO, and all of the email marketing from simple tips and tricks to full blown product launches.

Register for a FREE Online Marketing Assessment where we’ll discuss what steps you should take to attract prospects online and convert them to customers.

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Testimonials for Online Marketing Services

Jay Stoeger

I hired Musial Marketing in January 2014 to work on our website and put together a complete online marketing presence including blogging, video and social media. I had no idea what I needed and was very pleased with how easy it is to work with Musial Marketing and their knowledge of the industry. We continue to have Musial Marketing take care of our on-going website needs, blogging, social media, video, newspaper ads and outdoor advertising. We are incredibly pleased at the outcome we had in sales for our Grand Opening in May and continuing throughout the rest of the year. If you want to work with a full service online marketing company you can trust that gets the job done, I highly recommend Julie Musial and the entire team at Musial Marketing.

– Jay Stoeger, Cold Country Vines & Wines

Erik Robertson

I am very pleased with the services that Julie at Musial Marketing provides. The website is excellent as are her posts on all social media outlets as well as her blog posting service! Julie is creative, dedicated and very professional. She is there for her clients and I highly recommend her to everyone! Thank you Julie for your wonderful work.

Erik R. Robertson, Oops The Parenting Handbook and Coaching With Erik Robertson

Jose Gomez

I am extremely satisfied with the results I have seen in a short period of time with Julie Musial’s work on my social media, building my new website, her knowledge of the industry and the supportive service I always get from her. She is very efficient, highly reliable and a very dedicated, hard working person in all of the above areas. I can recommend her without any hesitations.

Jose Gomez, M.D. – Founder of Marriage Academy

Laurel Wiers

Working with Julie was a pleasure. I had tried to work with two other web designers before and both were bad experiences. Julie more than delivered. She is knowledgeable, timely in her work and helpful. She was quick to give me guidance when needed and responded promptly to all my questions. Her attention to detail is impeccable. Her creativity is amazing. I trust her completely with my social media project and am always impressed. She is so diligent in what she does and treats your business as if it were her own.

Laurel Wiers – Therapist, Author, Speaker