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In 2012 I sold my advertising agency and began a company that evolved into Musial Marketing, a company exclusively offering online technology marketing solutions. It was a total mindset shift to go from a 100% offline marketing agency to a 100% online technology marketing company.


When it comes to advertising, online technology is changing the future of online marketing.

Television commercials are dead. With all the new online technology, very few people watch them. Some people will say that the last holy grail for television is sports, but think about your behavior. Do you watch sports commercials? Most people view sporting event ads as the opportunity to jump on their smart phone and tweet, Facebook, or snapchat “Did you see that play”? The only sporting event worth investing in is the Super Bowl. Unless you have a million bucks lying around, that’s not a viable option for most small businesses.

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Radio is now Pandora, playing through your Smartphone that is attached to a speaker the size of an orange. For a nominal fee, you can eliminate ALL commercials.


Newspapers are getting smaller and smaller, and many have gone by the wayside already. Unless you’re advertising cemetery plots, the newspaper is another offline medium that’s dying. Of course, newspapers are touting their online editions. How many people go online to read newspapers with so many other choices available?


Highway billboards are trying to save themselves by going digital. The pitch is that you can change the copy instantly, the ad is much more vivid, and the board looks great at night. Outdoor billboard companies want you to believe that every car driving by sees your ad. In reality, you have about six to seven seconds on any highway board. If the traffic count is 60,000 and the digital billboard changes nine times in one minute, that brings you to 11% of the traffic seeing your ad. And that’s only if the car looked for the six to seven seconds your ad was on the board. Think about the fact that many cars will only see the first or last two seconds regardless if it’s stationary or a digital board. That cuts views to a measly three percent (2222 cars out of 60,000 in our example) if they’re looking when they pass, and not all of them will look. Pretty much the only thing a billboard is good for is “Turn Here!”


CommFinDMBackDirect mail has become cost-prohibitive, and it’s slow because the U.S. Postal service is struggling to compete with online technology. Except for credit card companies that bombard people with constant solicitations, most direct mail advertisers have gone to the postcard.  My postcards don’t even make it in the front door.


online technologyOne of my first clients was a vineyard winery located in Northeast Wisconsin. When we started working together, the owner, Jay Stoeger, felt that he couldn’t totally let go of his offline media. For his grand opening two years ago, he used a mixture of both online marketing and offline marketing. His sales exceeded expectations by 900%. Over the Memorial Day holiday in 2016, I spoke with Jay. He told me that he decided to use 100% online marketing for his two-year Vineyard Winery anniversary. He used Facebook ads leading to the website and an online E-zine newsletter promoting the event and the site. The results were their best sales day ever! Jay told me, “I wish I would have listened to you sooner and dropped the offline marketing.”


Many companies today, including Fortune 500 and Fortune 200 companies, are still using offline marketing even though it has already gone by the wayside. Simply stated, companies that refuse to change to online marketing are wasting their money.


online technologyOnline technology is also why President Obama won both terms. Don’t believe me, read it here.


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