Is Your Marketing Message Technical Mumbo-Jumbo

marketing message


Do you have a marketing message to share with the world, but you just can’t seem to express it correctly?


You’re not alone. Not having an effective marketing message is a big reason why most businesses never get off the ground or fail within three years.


There is a big difference between presenting a detailed story and creating a marketing message that will excite someone about your product or service.


You see, when most people work on marketing, they believe that they should include all of the technical mumbo-jumbo. Tech speak doesn’t peak potential customers’ attention nor convince them to buy from you.


marketing message


What Works?


People want to know that your product or service solves their problem. That’s it. That’s what makes an effective marketing message.


In other words, what’s in it for them? What’s the benefit? People don’t care about the details of how you will solve their problem. They simply want to know that you will solve it.


Where I find most people get into trouble with their marketing is in information overload. They write pages of copy that people will never read and create long, boring videos or audios.


Just present the benefits and you’ll have an effective marketing message.


Examples of a clear Marketing Message


Two of the things that separates Musial Marketing from our competition are:


  1. We shoot quality and effective on-location videos for our clients anywhere in the United States.
  2. We make sure Google and other search engines find our clients’ sites.

Those 30 words are an effective marketing message for Musial Marketing.
People don’t care how we get the videos done. They only care that they can get it done, that it’s easy, and that the videos are effective.


The videos below were shot thousands of miles apart by Musial Marketing. They both speak with a clear marketing message.


marketing message

marketing message








Likewise, clients only care that SEO is correctly put together on their website because they know that being found by Google and other search engines means more exposure and sales. Clients don’t care about how we do it or any of the techno mumbo jumbo that we deal with on our end.


Where Businesses Fail


Where most business owners fail in creating an effective marketing message is not presenting it in an easy-to-understand way that gives the benefits of “what’s in it for the customer.”


Marketing to your customer is a difficult skill for most businesses and business owners to learn. However, if you find yourself presenting your business in a complicated way that makes people tune out, it’s time for a mindset shift.


Less Is More!marketing message


When it comes to creating and effective marketing message, only tell prospects what they need to know and say it as though they can’t understand anything above a fifth-grade mentality—what’s in it for them in language they already understand and use.


If your website or any of your marketing doesn’t tell people what’s in it for them within 10 seconds, they’ll leave and most likely never come back.


People simply don’t go any further into your copy or video if you don’t answer that question in 10 seconds. Heat maps prove this fact on website pages.


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