Improve Your Business in 2017


Would you like to improve your business in 2017?

If so, now’s the time to figure out your strategy.


Step 1

Open your calendar, pick a day, and set up an appointment for yourself and appropriate team members to review your 2016 data.


Improve Your BusinessIf you don’t have a data collection process to analyze, make it a priority to get at least an online option and get it installed and working. Google Analytics is free and an excellent place to start, but there are paid platforms if you need something more robust.


The data that’s important for improving your business will vary from other types of business. You may want to read Website Metrics Versus Vanity Metrics for more info on what to analyze.


However, one thing that is the same for every online business (and most brick and mortar companies) is that your website should be your number one source for new customers. If it’s not, you’ve found the most important thing to work on in 2017.


Nothing will increase your ROI like a user-friendly, search engine optimized, content-driven website that clearly displays your brand.


Step 2

Improve Your BusinessIf your website is serving you well, look for other ways to improve your business by applying the 80/20 rule in three places:


  1. Find the stat that is responsible for roughly 80% of your company’s success
  2. Find the stat that is responsible for roughly 80% of the challenges in your company
  3. 20% of your clients are likely to generate the majority of your revenue; find the stat or stats that those 20% have in common


Once you have identified those stats, use them. Plan ways to further take advantage of your success, address the challenges by focusing where you’ll make the biggest impact, and market more effectively to your key clients.


Step 3

Put your plan into action and improve your business in 2017.


If you need help, Musial Marketing knows what makes people take action online and how to help you create the best website for your company.


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  • Duke Vukadinovic

    I’m glad that you mentioned 80/20 rule. In a business sense, finding these ratios was crucial for me in maximizing my performance. This rule allowed me to find the products or services that generate the most income and I dropped the rest that only provided marginal benefits.