How to Give Your Website a Tune-up



Your website is the most important marketing tool you own.

If you don’t do a website tune-up on a regular basis, you’re probably losing customers.

Website neglect starts out innocently. You’re busy. Your site is still getting some traffic. You haven’t kept up with the latest trends and don’t know if you need to or not. Other things are “asking” for your attention in a more noticeable way.

However, the silent loss of sales and customers from a neglected website probably impact your bottom line more than the urgent, but less important, details taking your time.


That’s why I created the following website tune-up checklists for you. The first list is a one-time thing. The second list should be repeated at least once a year but twice is better.


One-time Website Tune-up (Do it today!)


  1. website tune-upIs your site mobile-friendly?

It’s crucial for your website to be mobile-friendly because websites close to 50% of their traffic from mobile users. That means that you’re cutting your leads in half (or more as more users make the switch) if you’re not mobile-friendly. Plus, any website that is not mobile friendly will receive zero ranking from Google!


  1. Have you branded your product or service?

If you haven’t taken the time to get clear on what makes your products and services different and worthwhile, customers will give their money and loyalty to one of the billion other websites that are online today. Without a well-defined brand, you can’t compete.


Repeating Website Tune-up (Every 6 months to 1 year)


  1. Are your products and services current?

As your business grows and changes, make sure your products and services are listed accurately. Maybe you only sell certain items in a bundle package now or you discontinued a specific item. These aren’t the kind of surprises that make customers happy.


  1. If you list prices on your site, are they correct?

You wouldn’t want to order a product from a website and then learn that the price had increased from what was listed, and neither will your customers. During your website tune-up, make sure any listed prices are accurate.


  1. website tune-upHow is your loading time?

While the convenience to your customer should be motivation enough to make sure your site loads quickly, a faster site leads to better search engine rankings, too. Better rankings can mean a bigger list and more sales.


  1. Is your content current?

I’m not talking about deleting old blog posts. Out of date content is more about not posting a blog in the last six months or having a “news and events” section on your site that has zero activity. A website tune-up of your content sends the message of “trusted subject matter expert who knows my needs” while no activity says “no longer noteworthy.”


  1. Has it been more than 3-5 years since the design was updated?

You might have great memories from past decades. However, unless your business is specifically about that decade, a dated look hurts business. Keep your site fresh and relevant to your customers’ needs.


  1. website tune-upDoes your branding still reflect your business?

Knowing and expressing who you are, what you offer, and how you’re different from your competitors is vital to succeeding with online marketing. That’s why you want to ask this question with every website tune-up, even if the answer is always likely to be ‘yes.’


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