Face Your Fear and be a Successful Entrepreneur

Successful Entrepreneur

I have a confession: There are aspects of being a successful entrepreneur that I felt completely unprepared for when I started this journey.


Blogging was one of those things.


In ninth grade, I came a mere five points from failing my English class. I hated everything about grammar and sentence structure, and even after earning a bachelor’s degree, I still fought the need to write.

However, I truly wanted to be a successful entrepreneur. And to do that, I needed to blog. So, I took a course.

Did it banish my fear?


No. Clicking the “publish” button was preceded by a racing heart and sweaty palms. But I did it anyway.  More than five years later and over 415 posted blogs, I’ve gotten comfortable as a blogger and as an accomplished writer of an Amazon #1 best-selling book!  My advice is to face your fear and to get comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s one of the keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Successful Entrepreneur


Face Your Fears


Hundreds of blogs later I can laugh at my younger self. But the fear of being called out for the fraud of a writer I felt I was seemed very real back then.


The simple truth is that sometimes you need to face your fears, do something about them, and keep moving forward.


Successful EntrepreneurRemember Your Why


You’re in business because you have a solution for other people’s problems.


If you don’t face your fears and make your business as successful as it can be, you’re letting other people needlessly struggle with problems you could solve and miss out on happiness that only your company can give them.


Realize That You Aren’t Alone


Successful EntrepreneurYour business is unique, but the challenges you face as a successful entrepreneur are not. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel when there are numerous resources available to help you reach your dreams.


  • Take classes to turn weaknesses into strengths
  • Attend webinars to gain more knowledge in the areas that trouble you
  • Talk to fellow entrepreneurs to learn how others approach similar problems
  • Network so that you have support throughout your journey
  • Join a mastermind group and be given powerful lessons that would take you years to learn alone
  • Hire a business coach so you can follow a plan by a trusted advisor instead of wondering what to do next


Being successful doesn’t mean that you’re fearless and never have setbacks. Every entrepreneur has fears and challenges that can paralyze them or lead to failure.


The most successful entrepreneurs realize that fears and challenges are just part of the process, and they eventually learn to see them as opportunities for personal and professional growth.


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