Entrepreneur’s Guide To Financial Freedom; 7-Steps To Selling Your Work Online 2017-01-05T14:00:38+00:00

Entrepreneur’s Guide To Financial Freedom;
7-Steps To Selling Your Work Online

7-Steps To Selling Your Work OnlineHit #1 bestseller during presale in three categories!

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This book is for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who are starting out on their own journey to sell their work online or create an online brand presence. It’s for people who want to follow a proven roadmap of marketing methods to be discovered on the internet and to dramatically increase their profit!

Whatever stage you’re at in your online journey, you’ll receive value by following my 7-step program to selling your work on the internet. The seven step process begins with planning and building your website that converts prospects into customers and then provides in-depth information on:

  • Planning And Building Your Website
  • List Building
  • Creating Great Content
  • How To Blog The Right Way
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video And Podcast Marketing
  • How To Analyze And Optimize For Search Engines

*Included are twelve additional teaching bonus videos and PDF links including a bonus chapter on Search Engine Marketing.
I wish I had read a book like this before I started my own online journey; it would have saved me a lot of time, thousands of dollars, and loads of frustration.

Contact Musial MarketingJulie Musial is an online marketing trainer, speaker, coach and author. She has written and produced eleven online marketing courses including WordPress, LinkedIn, Video, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, Google Analytics and Keywords, Pinterest, SlideShare and YouTube. Julie is author of the international selling book “Advertising Evolution-Making Sense of the Marketing Options in Today’s World”.

After 20 years of winning top sales awards and working with thousands of businesses on their marketing needs for companies like Chrysler and U.S. Cellular, Julie Musial left corporate America and put her skills to the test as an entrepreneur.
For the last thirteen years, as CEO of her own company, Julie has been working with Entrepreneur’s and Business owners on both their online marketing presence and offline marketing.

Julie Musial is “Your Online Sales Conversion Expert”.

Hit #1 bestseller during presale in three categories! Julie lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin with her three adult children all in college with Business majors and her Shitzu “Rocky”! Rocky’s is majoring in treats, naps and fun!