The Courage to Have Your Own Opinion


Early in my business, Mark Schaefer from encouraged me to have the courage to share my opinion. I’m going to offer you the same advice.

Why Your Opinion Matters

opinionYou’ve probably been doing what you do for a while now. The familiarity of it makes it seem like no big deal, right?


However, the reality is that you have extensive experience and sharing it would benefit others and bring value to their lives.


When you consistently offer value to others, they feel like they know, like and trust you.


Knowing, liking, and trusting you builds your tribe of followers, converts potential customers into paying clients, and creates loyalty.


Keep It Relevant


If your business is wine, sharing your opinion about the latest exercise craze will only confuse those who follow you or land on your blog through a search.


So, unless it’s a small piece of personal information that can also tie into your field of expertise, keep irrelevant information to yourself.


Keep It Real


opinionAny fool can post his opinion on the internet. Don’t be a fool. Be an expert in your field.


Share factual information along with your opinion, and check your facts. Your followers will appreciate it, but they also expect it. If they can’t trust you to tell them the truth, how can they trust you enough to buy your goods and services?


Share Useful Stuff


Possibly the biggest hurdle people face when it comes to sharing their opinion is what to share. Staring at a blinking cursor can feel intimidating, but you have far more knowledge to share than you think you do.


To get started:


  • Think about mistakes you made when you were starting out and share what you’d do differently now
  • Discuss and answer questions that new customers regularly ask
  • Talk about your favorite feature when it comes to your product or service
  • Share your opinion about the most common pain points your customers have and how your product or service solves them
  • Talk about why you love your business and customers and what makes both unique


Be courageous and share your opinions. Your business will benefit, and your tribe of followers will grow faster.


Send me an email at or comment right here and let me know how it goes.


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