What “It Costs Too Much” Actually Means

costs too much

Do you get tired of potential customers telling you that your products and services cost too much?

Clients often worry that it costs too much because:

  • The economy
  • Prices that are set too high
  • The competition

Most likely, it’s none of those.

Think about how long people stand in line to buy the latest Apple products. There’s a line despite the weak economy, high prices, and plenty of competition.

Here’s Why

Regardless of the economy or the competition, the price is typically not the issue. Even when the economy is at a low, people buy things. You do, right?

You might investigate a little more, ask more questions, and make sure you feel good about the business. But when there’s something you consider worthwhile, you buy it.

Your customers are the same way.

Sure, you probably have some competition. But if anything, that only proves that people are willing to buy what you’re selling.

What “ It costs too much ” Actually Means

If someone visits your website, watches and reads the material there, and still thinks, “That costs too much,” the problem isn’t the economy, your prices, or the competition.  The problem is that you haven’t:

  • Established value.costs too much
  • You didn’t use language that your client understood to make it clear that your product or service is THE solution to their problem and make it obvious why your company is the right choice.
  • You accomplish that both by using copy, pictures, videos, and storytelling. Not fictional storytelling, but by putting your authentic self out there.

Apple sells expensive products, but people perceive that they have significant value. Customers can buy other computers, phones, tablets, etc. But Apple’s marketing team doesn’t sell those things. It sells the lifestyle that goes with owning Apple products.

Apple does a great job of using customer language in their copy and videos to establish value and make it believable that they offer something their competitors don’t.

You can do that too.

If you’d like more information, check out this article: Selling Online – The Secret Sauce!

The bottom line is this: If someone tells you that your product costs too much, what they’re really saying is “you didn’t prove to me the value”.

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