Copywriting is One of the Most Important Parts of a Website


Copywriting is part of running a business. In fact, it’s one of the five most important parts of your website. That’s why I’m going to tell you how to write good copy. However, I don’t suggest you write it yourself.

Trying to write their own marketing copy is one of the BIGGEST mistakes I see entrepreneurs make.

There is a difference between general writing and writing marketing copy – and that difference can waste your time and money or turn it into a profitable investment.

Writing Good Marketing Copy

To create copy that attracts and converts, it needs to:

  • copywritingBe easy to read, so people don’t move on to another site
  • Speak to your customer and create interest so they read what you have to say
  • Use your customer’s language and address their pain points so they feel understood
  • Build trust so they’re more likely to buy from you
  • Have a solid call to action (CTA) that is a helpful offer to solve your customer’s problem
  • Have stories and messages people relate to instead of one sales pitch after another that makes readers feel like you don’t care
  • Use appropriate grammar and spelling for your tone, be it business or casual
  • Be optimized for search engines (SEO) so your business shows up when your ideal customer searches

Good copywriting is without question one of the five most important parts of your website.

Are you an Entrepreneur or a Copywriter?

Unless you’re earning a living copywriting, you’re probably not one. And the odds are high that you don’t even like writing.

However, you might be writing your own copy to save money. Or perhaps you think you understand how copywriting works.

While it’s probably true that you’re a smart person and could be a skilled copywriter if you wanted, you’re fooling yourself about being one now.

Why You Shouldn’t Write Your Copy

There are things your customers do that sometimes bug you, right? It might be small or big, but if only they had the experience and knowledge that you do, they’d make a different choice.

What bugs me is that every day I hear at least five people who aren’t copywriters explaining how to write good copy.

You wouldn’t suggest a patient try to set their broken arm or perform their own surgery, would you?

You wouldn’t suggest that someone save a few dollars by doing their own financial planning for their future, would you?

Of course not!

And yet, people do this kind of thing all the time when it comes to copy. Unfortunately, they pay for this mistake in time and money.

If you are a doctor, work on being a doctor. If you’re a financial planner, work on being a financial planner. If you’re any other type of entrepreneur, work on being good at it and outsource the writing to a professional content writer.

What Good Copy Does

Starting with your website, it makes sure that ideal clients find you when they do a search. Next, your website copy makes the difference between a prospect signing up for your email list or disappearing.

And while all of that is vital, it’s your marketing funnel sequences that convert prospects to fans and buying customers.

Do you really want to leave things that crucial to an inexperienced copywriter or do it yourself because of an article you read about writing?

Hiring A Copywriter

While people go to sites like Fiverr to have content written, I don’t suggest it. There are things for which Fiverr is fantastic. Copy is not one of them.

You might get exceptionally lucky, but most of the time you’ll get what you bought. And for $5.00, it won’t be trust-building content that converts prospects into life-long customers.

At Musial Marketing, we write professional copy for your website and your marketing funnel sequences. We use copywriters who write with experience and skill so that you don’t have to worry about your copy and can spend more time doing the things you do best.

If you’d like to learn more about what Musial Marketing can do for you, just click HERE for a free consult.




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