How to Give Your Website a Tune-up



Your website is the most important marketing tool you own.

If you don’t do a website tune-up on a regular basis, you’re probably losing customers.

Website neglect starts out innocently. You’re busy. Your site is still getting some traffic. You haven’t kept up with the latest trends and don’t know if you need to or not. Other things are “asking” for your attention in a more noticeable way.


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Is Your Website At Risk?


No one is at risk to get hacked unless they have millions of daily viewers on their website, right?



It’s a nice thought, but it simply isn’t true. I’ve had my website hacked and had a negative SEO attack. Not only was it inconvenient, it cost me a lot of money and I was shut down for more than a week.

If only I knew the risk then that I know now.


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The Power Of A Great CTA


A great call to action (CTA) is vital for your online business. It’s what gets people to call you, sign up for your email list, or both.

If your CTA isn’t compelling, people might get to your site and look around, but you completely lose them once they close their browser.

However, if your CTA gets their attention and they want the freebie you’re offering, you have their information (and potentially a life-time customer) even if they never come back to your site again.

Powerful, right? (more…)

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Selling Online – The Secret Sauce!

selling online

When selling online, figuring out what gets people to click the “buy button” and pay for your products and services can be extremely frustrating.

In fact, lack of paying customers is one of the main reasons clients work with me.

There are millions of sites competing for attention. Condense it down to your specific area of expertise, have good SEO, and… You’re still simply one business in a large crowd selling online.

You see, when potential clients search for what they want, they’re not likely to land on your site without looking at other sites, too.

Even if you’ve taken extra steps to make your site easy to use and pleasant to look at, both important things, people still shop around.

I do it and it’s likely you do to.

While it’s frustrating as an entrepreneur, it’s not surprising. When it comes to selling online, there are far too many exaggerated promises, hackers, scam artists, and out-right lies for the smart shopper to throw caution to the wind.

So, what is it that makes them stay or come back? What gets them to look around, read more than the first couple of paragraphs, and ultimately spend their money for the product or service that your selling online?

Selling Online: The Secret Sauce is…selling online


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Is Your Website Design Still Working For You?

Your website design should show who YOU are, what you do and not be a carbon copy of someone else. It also needs to function properly, be easy to navigate and make the search engines happy. As your business changes and grows, so too should your website to give the correct representation of what you do.

I recently changed my logo and the banner on my website. This marks the fourth update in the past four years. Why? Because each time I change it, I think I have really hit the mark as to whom my business targets and what services we provide. I listen to my clients, watch my receivables, and adjust my marketing accordingly.

Let me say that again: I listen to my clients, watch my receivables, and adjust my marketing accordingly.


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Website Security – Sucuri

It’s not often that I’m so impressed with an online resource that I want to share it on my blog, but that isn’t the case with Sucuri. I know we’d all love to think that our website is automatically secure from threats – or that nobody would be so malicious as to target your little website, but unfortunately that just isn’t the case.


Even though I focus on SEO – and take precautions to keep my website safe, like hosting with a reputable webhost, I have still been a victim of website hacking in the past. I’ve had my site hacked and have had a negative SEO attack. Not only did my website come under attack, I was shut down for more than a week the first time when I was hacked. When I had a negative SEO attack it cost me not only time but a lot of money to fix it.


If I had been a Sucuri customer at the time, both issues would have been caught and fixed right away.


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