Online Technology, Use It or Lose It!



In 2012 I sold my advertising agency and began a company that evolved into Musial Marketing, a company exclusively offering online technology marketing solutions. It was a total mindset shift to go from a 100% offline marketing agency to a 100% online technology marketing company.


When it comes to advertising, online technology is changing the future of online marketing.

Television commercials are dead. With all the new online technology, very few people watch them. Some people will say that the last holy grail for television is sports, but think about your behavior. Do you watch sports commercials? Most people view sporting event ads as the opportunity to jump on their smart phone and tweet, Facebook, or snapchat “Did you see that play”? The only sporting event worth investing in is the Super Bowl. Unless you have a million bucks lying around, that’s not a viable option for most small businesses. (more…)

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How Bad Online Marketing Service Inspired Me!

online marketing

I’ll admit that starting an Online Marketing company was a little scary.

You see, I had 25 years of offline marketing experience, but even brick and mortar places were going online. So, if I wanted to continue with a successful career, I had to change because I was too young to quit and I love marketing.

Sometimes change is fun, like when you drop your routine, pack a bag, and leave town for vacation. But other times, it feels like you’re diving into a sink or swim situation without a life vest. Changing careers was a little of both.

Online Marketing Education


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Creating A Hot Freebie

hot freebie

You might have heard “The money’s in your list” but just how do you get people to join your list?

With a Hot Freebie, of course!

Gone are the days when a box with “Subscribe to My Newsletter!” would be enough to get people to opt-in. People will only give you their email address if they think you have something they want. (more…)

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We Call It The Marketing Air War?

marketing air war

What the heck is the Online Marketing Air war?  It’s what’s holding you back from being successful with your online marketing and your business. It’s in between your ears. It’s your subconscious mind telling you all the reasons WHY you can’t or shouldn’t market your business.

You know how you get all jazzed up with a great idea and have every intention of following through on it? Have you ever attended a motivational speaker and said to yourself “that’s it, that’s what I’m going to do as soon as I get back to my desk” only to find yourself still be doing the same thing? So what’s stopping you from putting all your greatness out there online for the world to see?  YOU ARE!  It’s your own marketing air war!! (more…)

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Should You Outsource Your Marketing?

outsource your marketing

Years ago you had to be a company of significant size to even think about “Should you outsource your marketing”? Today, that’s all changed and for several reasons.

The first reason is that marketing today has gotten more complicated. You still have traditional marketing platforms but you also have all of the new platforms on the internet including websites and social media. (more…)

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Entrepreneur’s Start-Up Guide To Online Marketing?

online marketing

How do you know if you’re failing with your online marketing? Basically, if you’re holding back the gifts that you have to offer the world because you have a fear of failure with online marketing, then indeed you’re failing. You see successful people fail all the time. People who are afraid to put themselves out there with online marketing are the real failures. (more…)

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