Five Tactics to Handling Confrontation



Handling confrontation isn’t something most people dream about doing in their business, but the longer you’re an owner, the more likely it is that you’ll strongly disagree with a vendor, employee, client, or competitor.


Avoiding the issue seldom works as a strategy. Second-guessing someone else’s motives also rarely works. And taking the “my way or the highway” approach typically only makes things worse.


Dealing successfully with disagreements can make your business run smoother and your life more peaceful and enjoyable. So, ideally, you want to resolve the situation in as healthy, productive, and effective manner as possible.



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The Power of A Personal Story

I recently attended a seminar put on by Bo Eason in La Jolla, California, called “Personal Story Power”. While I enjoy attending live events and learning, this seminar really stuck a cord with me around the subject of trust; specifically building trust online.

I’ve noticed how people today have a low sense of trust. They’re just inherently more skeptical. So it made me wondering; what is the magic key to getting people to trust you?

I’m sure that you, just like me, have fallen victim to people misrepresenting their services. That old saying, “once bitten, twice shy” is true – my trust isn’t as easy to earn as it used to be. And with all the scams, hackers, and people schlepping their wares online, who do you believe?

That’s where the event comes in…


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Relationship Building as a Key Business Strategy

Building relationships by having a genuine, caring and giving attitude is the most important aspect in everything you do both online and offline in terms of your marketing and personal life.  If you take the time to build relationships with a giving attitude, people will repay you big time!

Three examples of having a Giving Attitude for Relationship Building (more…)

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How to Get More Customers From Your Blog!

online marketing
Once upon a time I was very Corporate America. I made a good living but I was dying a slow death. Corporate America is run by the numbers. Facts and figures.  We always need to be in the BLACK! You’re only as good as your last sale. It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday but what you’re doing today and tomorrow. Don’t be creative, do it like we told you to. It won’t work that way, we tried it once. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke! Family comes second, the numbers come first!  We only close on Christmas and that’s begrudgingly. (more…)

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How to Network and Develop Valuable Relationships Offline!

What’s more important, what you know or who you know?

In the world we live in today more people would probably say, “Who you know”!  Knowing one very important person could catapult your business or career to heights you never imagined.  So how do you meet these people?  First you must establish relationships by having a genuine giving mentality.  You can work this online and also go to networking functions where the people you want to meet will be hanging out.

How do you network?

Many people never get past the chit chat phase of networking and that’s not real effective.  Here’s what I suggest.

  • Chit Chat – Don’t jump immediately into business.  A little small talk is required to break the ice.
  • Ask questions and listen- Be genuinely interested in people.  Ask people what they do.  When they tell you, this should open up more questions.  Don’t just fact find, really listen.  Contribute to the conversation where you can and share your experience on the subject.
  • Suggest advice where you can.  Maybe you know something about the topic or someone in that space that could help them.  Offer an introduction.

Share what you know expecting nothing in return and then give them your business card.  Make sure you always have business cards with you because you never know when you will meet someone interesting.

Some people find it incredibly difficult to introduce themselves.  If that’s you, try using this line.  “Hi, I’m (insert your name); I don’t think we have met yet.”  You can also extend your handshake.  Have a mindset that the conversation is not about you, it’s about them.  If that freaks you out then just stand at the door, give people eye contact and smile.  I guarantee, people will come up to you and introduce themselves.

The #1 fear that holds us back is thinking “I’m not good enough”!

You must get over this fear because you have a lot to offer the world.

When someone introduces themselves, ask them what they do and listen for how you can help them.  If you think you’re not GOOD ENOUGH TO MEET, GET OVER IT, because you are good enough.

Please leave me a comment on how you network effectively.


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Relationships are more important that having an MBA!

Thirty years ago having an MBA would get you the job before the college dropout.  Today that’s not necessarily true.  Building a network based on genuine relationships is more powerful than a college degree.

Today we have entered a revolution in communication that we call the Internet.  It’s no longer necessarily important that you can statistically and scientifically build a matrix all on your own.  What is important today is having an idea, having drive and discipline and being able to establish relationships.  Have you ever heard the phrase “It’s not what you know but who you know”?  That statement is truer today than ever.

It’s also very important today to have a “giving mentality”.  If you want to meet a mentor, don’t send them an email and say “please look at my stuff because I think it’s great”!  Study the person, read their blog, read their book and come up with some questions that you have about their work.  Send them an email explaining why you like their work but that you have a question and would they be so kind as to elaborate on this question for you.  That’s how you will gain the attention of a potential mentor.  Successful people get many requests daily from strangers wanting something from them.  Set yourself apart by doing your homework on their work and give your side of the equation if you have one.  Then ask for clarification.

Successful people are not experts on all facets of life.

If you can contribute value from what you’re good at or what you know, you should.  Set yourself apart by establishing relationships first and have a genuine giving mentality.  You’re looking for people to give to you, but how you bring them into your circle is by giving to them.  There are three ways to give instead of take.

  • Give your advice on something you’re good at.  Let them know you’re willing to share.
  • If you have a connection that could help someone, offer it.  Business comes through referrals.
  • Offer to help people get their product or service into others people’s hands.  Maybe you have a list or maybe you’re connected in the social media space.

Developing relationships takes time.  If you ask someone too quickly for help, they will see you as just another person who wants something from them.  But if you take the time to get to know someone and genuinely give without expecting something in return, people will be compelled to give back.

My next blog will be on how to establish relationships at a networking function.

Please leave me a comment on your experience with relationship building.