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7-Steps To Selling Your Work Online

Entrepreneur’s Guide To Financial Freedom; 7-Steps to Selling Your Work Online. Available now on Kindle – Hardcover available by May 30, 2015

This book was designed to tell you WHAT you should do in order to successfully sell your products and services online. It will not only clear up the mystery of WHAT you need to do online, but also in what order, and why you’re doing it in the first place. Even if you have someone like Musial Marketing set up your online presence for you (which we can), you still need to know how all the pieces fit together. With this knowledge you’ll be able to make better decisions about who to hire and what tools you should buy – so you don’t waste your time and money. (more)




Advertising Evolution – Traditional Media, Social Media & Digital Media: Making Sense of the Marketing Options in Today’s World Paperback – November 7, 2012

Traditional Media, Social Media & Digital Media. All three forms of media work well together but they work differently. Traditional advertising interrupts great content with a diverting message. Social Media and digital media give great value by publishing magnetic and engaging content of which the consumer wants more. The strategies that work in traditional, social and digital media also differ. It makes sense to learn how these strategies work or at least how to find the right media expert who can implement your advertising strategy for you. (more)