Best WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins


Your website is your most important revenue generator, so let’s talk about the best WordPress plugins to help you maximize your results and protect your site.


  1. Yoast SEO

yoast_logo_rgb-1Ideal user level: novices, professionals, and time-saving experts

Yoast makes SEO easy. It gives you:

  • Real-time feedback when you’re typing so you can optimize your title, content length, keywords, and descriptions
  • Technical optimization that makes you seem like an SEO expert
  • Page analysis to help you catch when you have a picture without a description, missing meta description, and a forgotten focus keyword
  • And more


  1. Google Analytics

google-analytics-iconIdeal user level: novice (with some help), professionals, and experts

Google Analytics makes the list of best WordPress plugins because it’s the most comprehensive analytics tool currently available. And it’s free.

Novice users are likely to find all of the stats overwhelming. However, novice or pro, here’s a great how-to article that will help you understand and profit from the data: –> Click here.


  1. Sucuri

sucuriIdeal user level: novice, professionals, and potentially experts

It’s a newbie mistake to think that a small business doesn’t need website security. I thought that and paid dearly for it. You can read about my experience HERE. Sucuri is the best WordPress plugin to keep your site safe 24/7.  You can sign up for Sucuri here:

  • Your site will be protected from any and all attacks.
  • If you’ve already been attacked, they’ll help you get back to business as smoothly and quickly as possible.


  1. Askimet

akismetIdeal for: every user who allows comments or other reader postings on their site

You need an anti-spam plugin to prevent your site and time from being taken over by spam. Even low-key websites can experience hundreds of spam posts in a single day.

Askimet is the best WordPress plugin I’ve found for spam protection.


  1. WordPress Backup to Dropbox

dropbox-logo-4Ideal user level: every site owner who uses Dropbox

This plugin is backup peace of mind. You choose a day, time, frequency, and Dropbox location and WordPress Backup to Dropbox does the rest. You can even exclude some files and directories if you want.

Worried your Dropbox credentials might be hacked via the plugin? No need! OAuth is used so your account details aren’t stored and can’t be accessed by the plugin.



There you have the five best WordPress plugins to keep your website bringing in ideal customers while keeping out unwanted hackers and spammers.

Questions? Send me an email at or comment right here and let me know what you experience.



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