Have you ever had someone tell you that your idea is less than stellar and you listened?  Have you ever listened to someone who told you it can’t be done?  Stop listening and I’ll tell you why.

Business OwnershipEverything that exists today existed first as a thought in someone’s mind.  Your idea’s and your will to succeed are your two most valuable assets.  When you own a business your persistence to succeed at any cost are necessary to be successful.  Quitting and listening to NO for an answer are not acceptable.  Don’t look to other people to validate your idea.  If you believe and desire something with all your might, then make it happen!  It doesn’t matter what other people think.  It only matters that you believe in your ideas.

Business ownershipI had the pleasure of being coached by Bob Proctor last week.  Bob Proctor is one of the best speakers in the world on getting rich and teaches you how to do more, be more and have more in every area of life.  Bob doesn’t have a high school education.  When Bob was a younger man he shared his ideas with someone whose opinions he valued, that person told him that his idea was a bad one.  After Bob picked himself up and dusted himself off he went forward with his business plan anyway.  Bob Proctor is 79 years old and should make 100 million dollars in 2013 alone.  Had he listened to that opinion he may have lived an entirely different life.

business ownershipWhen I was in commissioned sales one of my managers told me that they didn’t expect me to sell any of their most valuable product, The Green Bay Packers on the state wide television network.  So I asked, but can I?  You see, I lived in Green Bay Wisconsin, home to the only publicly owned football franchise in the entire NFL.  In Green Bay, Wisconsin Football isn’t a game, it’s a way of life and I just so happen to love sports.  I decided to prove them wrong.  From 1998 to 2002 I made myself close to $100,000 selling just this product.  Good thing I didn’t listen.

Napoleon Hill would say that you need persistence, faith and focus on what it is you want with a burning desire.

LinkedInA couple months ago my LinkedIn share button on my WordPress.org website stopped working.  When I tried to post thumbnails to LinkedIn direct it would only post a URL with no picture.  My website designer said that LinkedIn told him it needed to be fixed and that we should wait for this fix.  After a couple weeks time no fix came.  Knowing how many people use WordPress.org and LinkedIn I began to get restless.  I started investigating myself but could not figure out the problem.  After about a month or so into the problem I started looking to other experts for the answer, but no one could find a solution, although many suggestions were made.  I was pushing my website designer for a fix.  Finally it was discovered that about two months ago a new firewall was added to the server my company uses in order to keep malicious people out.  This firewall was causing the problem and a setting needed to be changed.  Had I not refused to take “wait” for an answer my LinkedIn problem would still be haunting my website.

Let me know if you have ever had an instance in your life where not listening really paid off!

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