This post is dedicated to all of the social media managers who have told me how frustrated they are because their owner or CEO who hired them doesn’t have a clue of what their job requires.  I suggest you show this post to your owner, boss or CEO if this represents the position you find yourself in.
Inbound social media marketing

To make matters worse, many CEO’s have asked their IT department to handle social media.  Social media is a marketing function and not an IT function.  It’s called Social for a reason.  I don’t know about you but the true techno geeks that hang out in the IT departments are not social beings.  They talk in a different language, techno geek language.

The other thing happening is that CEO’s are giving this function to existing administrative or marketing departments with no additional personnel.  They’re asked to take on the research, the development and the entire process of social media and inbound marketing on top of their existing jobs.  Do you have any idea how long it takes to write a good blog post that’s keyword rich?  Now I said good because that’s the only kind you want being published on your behalf.  If you’re trying to slap things together as fast as possible just to get it done, that’s what it will look like to the consumer, something of little value.  How effective do you think this kind of work will be?

Inbound Social Media Marketing Inbound Social Media Marketing requires a Mindset Shift!

Social Media and Inbound Marketing requires a mindset shift on the part of owners, CEO’s and anyone who grew up with traditional marketing.  If you’re hiring people to take care of your social media and inbound marketing and you don’t understand the position, the best thing you can do is get out of their way and let them do their job because they do understand how it works.  By making these managers show you everything they are working on in order to approve it, you’re not only holding up what they’re doing but your harming it by delaying the process.

Another thing I see happening is that a good percentage of owners and CEO’s are starting to realize they need to get their head out of the sand, get in the real world we live in today and start using social media and inbound marketing.  I’m sorry if you find that statement offensive but do you realize more than a billion people are now using Facebook.  It’s not just for kids anymore.  But you’re so afraid to give any authority to these positions that you frustrate them into leaving your company.    When Owners require Social Media Managers to get approval on every status update or blog post prior to going out, by the time the post does go out, the news is most likely old.  At that point, why bother.  Do what your good at and leave the social media marketing to the right person.

Proving ROI on Social Media Marketing!

The other thing I see owners and CEO’s doing is requiring that these social media managers prove to them the effectiveness of social media before you’ll spend a dime on it.  How much time do you want them to spend on proving it to you before you come up with a budget?  So in a nutshell, they’re given no budget, no authority and no additional personnel to prove to you why your company should use social media and inbound marketing.

Meanwhile, as the meetings go back and forth to committees and board members, your competitors are effectively gaining an edge through the use of social media.  And if they’re not, be the first.

What CEO’s and Owners Must Do!

What CEO’s and company owners need to do is put together a social media policy,  hire a good social media manager and give them the authority to publish great magnetic content in real- time with a budget on your behalf without your approval.  At that point, through available metrics, they will begin to prove to you the ROI on your investment.

One last point, any good social media manager will command a decent salary.  You get what you pay for.  Don’t try and do it cheap!

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