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It took me a long time to realize some things that might help you out in your quest to learn social media and online marketing.  First of all, if you think you’re stupid, you’re not!  We all go on the same learning journey.  Second, even for those of us experienced in social media and online marketing we still face challenges, sometimes daily.  There are so many variables that can go into what’s going on with social media and your computer online.

Social Media is a Unique Online Experience!

Each of us really has our own unique experience when it comes to our computer online.  Things that can affect your online experience are the browser you’re using, speed of internet, how many windows you have open, how many things you’ve downloaded previously, do you have your computer up to date with new download updates, how much memory does your computer have available, tracking cookies, malware, version of download and the list goes on.

Some Computer Programs Don’t Play Nice!

In addition some programs that you download affect other programs in a negative way.  Normally there is always a way to figure out what’s going on.  When things don’t seem to want to work online, take a breath and work on some trial and error to find a way to solve your issue.  When you do this you can usually come up with the answer.  Most pieces of software that you use have a support system, including social media platforms.  If you send in your question, real people will get back to you.

Microsoft or Mac

I use Microsoft for some things and a Mac for others.  Recently I was trying to combine two movie making programs, one from Microsoft and one from Mac with a third party app.  I was getting very frustrated because every fix I thought I had discovered only ended up with another problem.  After working with technical support for an entire day, we finally came up with a solution.  My point in this story is that you don’t want to give up too fast.  There is almost always a solution of why something isn’t working.  Even technicians can get baffled at times.

Social Media can be a Challenge!

What I want you to take out of this post is that computers, social media and your online experience can be a challenge at times.  If you get people to help you, things can be figured out with a little digging and support.

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