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Here are five reasons why should you embed Facebook posts into your blog?

The two most important reasons you should embed Facebook posts into your blog are because it shows your fans social proof and increases your EdgeRank score with Google.  Google puts emphasis on your social media activity.  The more activity, the higher Google will rank your website.  It’s all about giving your website higher rank by getting social proof through social media platforms like Facebook.

The following post was embedded from Facebook and is clickable.

#1 Since Graph Search was added to Facebook, the ability to search people’s public posts has been disabled, so it’s not easy to find posts to use as elements of social proof on Facebook.  When you find posts on your Facebook page that has a lot of positive activity, embed them into a blog post on your website to create social proof.

#2 If you blog about Facebook, you’ll want to give examples by embedding a live Facebook update directly on your website. For example, instead of relying on screenshots of the types of updates brands do on their Facebook pages, you can embed a live post from your timeline instead.

#3 Typically only 16% of your fans see your status update posts.  Photos on Facebook generate at least 50% more likes than the average post, and posts with more likes increase your engagement. This is important because as your engagement increases, Facebook puts you into the News Feed more often so that more of your fans see you, which ultimately leads to more people reading your posts.  By using Calls to Action in your posts on Facebook you can direct these new eyeballs to your website.

Embed Facebook Posts to Increase Exposure!

#4 By having more discussion on your Facebook page means more engagement.  By embedding the Facebook post in your blog you can increase the exposure.  With the added exposure, you could get more discussion on your Facebook post. And this can be a great way to boost your EdgeRank score and turn your website visitors and blog readers into engaged members of your page.

#5 If you blog, list post are a great way to show your best content.  You can highlight your best Facebook wall posts the same way.  You can do this by going to your Facebook Insights under the posts section.  Determine which posts got the most engagement.  Next, click on your most popular posts. In the detailed statistics screen, you’ll see the drop-down to embed the post on your blog.

Create a blog post of your best Facebook content to show your website visitors and blog readers how engaging your Facebook page is.  This can lead to more likes and more engaged Facebook fans ultimately increasing your Google EdgeRank.

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