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Hello, this is Julie Musial.

If you waved a magic wand and suddenly knew what social media platforms you should be on and how to use them; would that interest you? Would it also interest you to know that I let you in on my secret to getting it all done in 30 minutes per day?

Would you like to make social media really easy by having someone else do everything for you including website design, search engine optimization, social media setup and posting updates?

At Musial Marketing you can do one of two things…

First, you can join our membership site which has simple tutorials and coaching where you can easily learn about social media platforms, websites, blogging and video at your own pace. You can even send a staff member to learn instead of yourself.

Our membership site has two different levels; both have easy to use course materials. The difference is that the Silver membership has group coaching and the Gold membership has private 1:1 coaching and personal reviews and recommendations of both your social media platforms and your website.

Second, you can have one of our expert team members do everything for you and put an end to the overwhelm you feel.

Have a question: No salesperson will swoop down and attack you, I promise!



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“I met Julie while searching for a very reliable source of how to navigate in the online and social media world. I found her knowledge about the social media platforms was very comprehensive and accurate. She is very genuine and focuses on providing the best service with consistency. She has been very responsive to my emails and following up to my questions. I would highly recommend her membership services that are very informative and cover a broad range of topics and skill level. They have saved me tons of time in trying to figure things out for myself.”
Doug Stoddard, Comunications Coach and Trainer
“I am extremely satisfied with the results I have seen in a short period of time with Julie Musial’s work on my social media, building my new website, her knowledge of the industry and the supportive service I always get from her. She is very efficient, highly reliable and a very dedicated, hard working person in all of the above areas. I can recommend her without any hesitations.”
Jose Gomez, M.D., Founder of Marriage Academy, Inc
“Julie’s expertise and depth of knowledge of online marketing, and use of social media as a marketing tool are both extensive and relevant in every moment of now. Julie has her finger locked on that pulse. Her generosity in sharing her knowledge is remarkable and her ability to immediately adapt to my communication style for my benefit was invaluable. If you’re looking for efficient, practical help to make the best use of your social media platforms and online marketing, Julie Musial is the go to expert!”
Carol Andrew, Public Speaking Coach & Trainer
“These job aids were so easy to follow and well defined in a step to step process on how to utilize all the aspects of LinkedIn. Terminology and Graphics were of excellent quality, with great explanation on how to do and why to do each step. Features and benefits made so much sense to the first time and even experienced users of LinkedIn. I would highly recommend this service.”
Jim Finer, Regional Sales Manager, CCS Medical Supply
“Julie is extremely talented in listening to what your needs are and designing a comprehensive approach based on those specific needs. She is a dynamic individual who is a wealth of knowledge in using traditional, digital and/or social media marketing to its fullest extent. The beauty of what Julie has to offer is that she has the mastery necessary to educate business owners on how to make all 3 phases of marketing work synergistically. Her passion in her work is contagious and draws out the best in her clients. As an online social media trainer or coach, there is none better than Julie. “
Steve Krohn, Director LinkedIn Specialist, Networking Strategist